Guava crisp:                         
500 gr. guava purée
100 gr. sugar
Fudge sauce:                         
1l. ewes' milk
500 gr. sugar
1 pinch bicarbonate
Ewes' milk cheese foam:    
500 gr. fresh ewes' milk curd cheese
500ml. cream
Ewes' milk ice cream:         
500ml. cream
500ml. milk
100gr. inverted sugar
200gr. sugar
100gr. dextrose
5 gr. stabilizer
500gr. soft fresh cheese
Sugar cloud:                          
Powdered milk
Ewes' milk yogurt


Guava crisp:
Heat 100 gr. guava purée with 100 gr sugar until diluted then add the rest of the guava. Spread in a thin layer on silicone paper and freeze.
Fudge sauce:
Heat the ewes' milk with the sugar and reduce until a caramel color. Add the bicarbonate and continue to reduce, stirring all the time. Leave to cool.
Ewes' milk foam:
Mix the ewes' milk cheese with the cream and transfer to a siphon.
Ewes' milk ice cream:
Mix the cream, milk and inverted sugar and bring to the boil. Add the sugar, dextrose and stabilizer, and pasteurize at 85ºC, stirring all the time. Strain, leave to cool, then add the cheese. Chill for 12 hours. Mix in the ice-cream maker and chill at -18º C.
Sugar cloud:
Place the sugar in the sugar spinning machine and form a cloud. Coat with powdered milk.


In a deep dish, place a base of fudge sauce. In the center, place a ball of ice cream, cover with cheese foam, stick in a guava crisp and finish with the milk candy. Add a few drops of ewes' milk yogurt.