INGREDIENTS (to serve 4)
Sugar forks

300 gr manitol
30 gr isomalt
Fine sandpaper

Smoked eel infusion

400 gr cream, 35% fat content
100 gr smoked eel, diced
200 gr smoked eel skin
1.5 gr katsuobushi

Smoked eel mousse

400 gr smoked eel infusion
40 gr pasteurised egg white

Smoked eel threads

Smoked eel flesh

Smoked eel skin

moked eel skins
Sunflower oil

To serve

Sasonal flowers
Extreme care must be taken when working with manitol. This sweetener (polyol) must be kept away from any source of water or steam as it can cause very serious burns.
Sugar forks: Heat the manitol and isomalt until completely melted (above 169ºC). Lightly grease the mould with olive oil and seal perfectly with a little kitchen film. Fill the mould with the sugar and leave to cool. Remove the fork and sand any rough parts.
Smoked eel infusion: Place all the ingredients in a pan. Heat to 90ºC then remove from the heat. Cover and leave to infuse for 2 hours. Strain and set aside.
Smoked eel mousse: Whisk the egg white very lightly. Add the very cold smoked eel infusion and mix well. Transfer the mixture to a siphon and attach a cartridge of NO2. Chill for at least 10 minutes before use.
Smoked eel skin: Place the skins and the sunflower oil in a vacuum pack and cook in a water bath at a controlled temperature of 70ºC for 12 hours. Cool in iced water, then chill.
Remove the skins from the vacuum pack and spread out on a board. Cut portions to the desired size and fry at 180ºC. Keep warm.
Serve a portion of smoked eel mousse on a small plate, and arrange threads of smoked eel and pieces of eel skin on top.
Cover with flowers.
Place the fork in a container to serve.