Mushroom base: 
½ kg. Fresh mushroom stalks
20 ml. Oil
5 gr. Salt
60 ml. Water
Soda syrup:   
1 l. Apple soda 
Fizzy popcorn:
1 bag of microwave popcorn
100 gr. Sparkling sugar


Mushroom base: 
Sauté the mushroom stalks in very hot oil, sprinkle with salt and cover so they sweat. Add water and boil for 2 minutes. Blend until smooth. Leave to cool and pour a very fine and uniform layer over a Silpat[1]. Leave in a cool dry place. Once dry cut into rectangles 20cm. long and roll them to form cones. Set aside.
[1] Silicone mat used in baking.
Soda syrup:
Reduce the apple soda to syrup.
Fizzy popcorn: 
Microwave the popcorn in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Sprinkle with sparkling sugar when the popcorn is still hot and fill the cones with the popcorn. Add a soda syrup lace on top.

the mushroom base is very versatile and can be adapted for multiple uses. For example it can be fried to obtain a crust then cut into several rectangular pieces and joined to form a book which can be written on using various natural inks (squid ink, beetroot purée, spinach purée, etc.). It also lends itself to being cut into rectangles, three edges of which are then moistened and sealed with help from a vacuum packaging machine to form a bag that can be fully closed achieving an almost total vacuum. It can also be cut into rectangular pieces of 3 x 1.5 cm. which dissolve when placed on the tongue to offer a pleasant taste and aroma of "boletus edulis" (King Bolete).