INGREDIENTS (to serve 10)

Sechouan buttons, to be broken up:
4 Sechouan button flowers
Fresh flowers: 
80 thyme flowers
20 pineapple sage flowers
10 marigold flowers
10 red begonia flowers
10 white begonia flowers
10 pink begonia flowers
80 purple basil flowers
10 g Sechouan button flowers
10 sheets white satin paper 35 x 35 cm folded in half
Sugar spinning machine
100 g sugar
2 sheets ovenproof sulfur paper 60 x 40 cm


Sechouan button flowers: 
Use a sharp pointed knife to break up the balls forming the Sechouan button flower. Chill.
Fresh flowers: 
Select all the flowers. Check they are clean and have no hard stems. Share out, forming 10 rations. Cover with absorbent kitchen paper and refrigerate.


Turn on the sugar spinning machine. When it reaches the right temperature, pour 10 gr of sugar inside. Collect the spun sugar, trying to keep the strands loose.
Form piles of spun sugar on one of the sheets of sulfur paper, and try to form slightly oval shapes about 15 x 6 cm. Prepare one per person.
Distribute one ration of flowers on top of each sugar oval, spacing them out separately all over the sugar.
Quickly cover each group with the other side of the sulfur paper and press delicately to flatten the sugar with the flowers inside, so that it looks like paper.
Serve the flower papers inside the folded satin papers.


Open up the satin paper to reveal the flower paper. Delicately break up the paper with your fingers and eat each flower separately.