Foie Gras Torchon (for one pound)
1 lobe of foie gras, grade A (with the veins removed)
Maceration mixture per pound of foie gras
9 gr kosher salt
8 gr Armagnac (Brandy)
3 gr sugar Foie gras foam (for 940 ml)
400 gr foie gras (from the previous step)
200 gr water
White pepper
1 tsp foie gras foam
Instant coffee grains


Foie Gras Torchon (for one pound) and maceration to make mi-cuit
1. Set an immersion tank at 60º C.
2. Bring the lobe of foie gras to room temperature.
3. When soft, remove any veins and spread out flat on an oven pan.
4. Weigh the foie gras. Calculate the amount of maceration mixture per pound of foie gras.
5. Mix the necessary amounts of sugar and salt.
6. Completely cover the surface of the foie gras with the sugar and salt mixture.
7. When covered with the sugar and salt, sprinkle with the brandy and wrap tightly in kitchen film forming a roll 5 cm in diameter. Prick the plastic a little to let out any air.
8. Wrap again and close the ends tight to prevent air from entering.
9. Place in iced water until firm.
10. When firm, place in a vacuum pack and seal.
11. Cook in steam for 15 minutes at 100ºC. The inside temperature should be 55ºC.
12. Dip briefly in iced water.
13. Leave to macerate for one month.
Foie gras foam (for 940 ml.)
1. Bring the prepared foie gras to room temperature.
2. Cut into pieces and transfer to a beater.
3. Boil the water and pour onto the foie gras in the beater.
4. Process at high speed until smooth.
5. Strain the mixture through a chinois then add salt and white pepper to taste.
6. Transfer the mixture to a half-litre siphon. Attach a nitrogen cartridge. Keep at room temperature during service. Discard any foam that is left unused at the end of the service.


1. The amount of isomalt to be used will depend on the size of the pan used. Ensure that the isomalt is at least 2.5 cm deep so that you can submerge a serving ring in it.
2. Heat a little isomalt in a small stainless steel pan with a thick bottom (to ensure the heat is distributed evenly).
3. Using a silicone spatula, stir the isomalt making sure it does not stick on the pan walls. Continue stirring until completely dissolved.
4. Heat the isomalt to 160º C. Before use, cool to 120ºC and keep it at that temperature.
5. Take a small plastic ring / mould (2.5 cm in diameter), and carefully dip the edge only in the melted isomalt.
6. Work the isomalt around the ring to cool it and gently “inject” the foie gras foam in the centre of the isomalt.
7. Let the foam drip into the mould, forming a tip in the isomalt, with the appearance of a drop of liquid.
8. Plate and sprinkle with a few grains of instant coffee.
Restrictions: contains alcohol.