INGREDIENTS (20 macarons)

55 gr egg white

3 gr dried egg white
2 gr lemon juice


140 gr sugar
35 gr water

Foie-gras macaron

136 gr ground almonds
136 gr icing sugar
50 gr egg whites
2 gr pink pepper

Foie-gras crémeux

150 gr neutral crème anglaise
150 gr foie-gras
85 gr melted cocoa butter


Place the 55 gr of egg whites with the lemon juice and dried egg whites in the bowl of a beater. Prepare the syrup with the water and sugar and heat to 117ºC. Meanwhile, when the syrup reaches 100ºC, beat the egg whites with the lemon juice in the bowl at speed 12.
When the syrup reaches 117ºC, transfer to a jug to bring the temperature down to 110ºC. Gradually add to the stiff egg whites in a thin stream while beating at speed 12. When firm, reduce the speed until the mixture is at 35-40ºC.
Mix the ground almonds with the icing sugar, the remaining 50 gr of egg whites and the pink pepper.
Add this mixture to one third of the meringue preparation. When well mixed in, delicately fold in the rest.
Transfer to a piping bag with a smooth, number 8 nozzle and pipe out, forming round buttons.
Leave to dry until a thin crust has formed on the surface. Bake at 140ºC for 22 minutes.

Foie-gras crémeux:
Mix the crème anglaise with the foie-gras in pieces. Chill and set aside.
orm the macarons using the crémeux as the filling.