Oak cream :                                      
½ l whip cream
30 gr. oak bark
6 egg yolks
90 gr. sugar cane

300gr. roasted hazelnuts without skin
300 ml. milk
10 ml. cooked condensed milk

Pine needle oil:                                
65ml. neutral oil
50gr. fresh pine needles

Airy pine needle chocolate:             
500 gr. chocolate
65 gr. pine needle oil
3 gas cartridges

Chestnut Cake:                                
260 gr. sugar
360 gr. flour
10 gr. baking powder
140 ml. milk
2 eggs
1 egg white
400 gr. chestnut puree

Birch ice cream:                               
350 ml milk
150 ml cream
200g sugar
2 egg yolks
100 gr. Birch bark
1 Spoon thick and easy

8 fresh hazelnuts
8 fresh walnuts
12 pieces of wood sorrel


Oak cream: Bring cream and sugar to boiling, with the bark and let it rest for 30 min. Pour the cream through a sieve and whip egg yolks in. Bake at 110ºC for 55 min. in water bath. then cool the baked cream down. Is then sieved through a sieve.
'Nutella': Place all ingredients in Paco jet container and freeze. When frozen blend it twice.
Pine needle oil to airy chocolate: Bring oil up to 70 ºC add pine needles and let it rest for 50 min. Strain the needles oil.
Airy pine needle chocolate: Melt chocolate in a water bath and blend it with pine oil to an airy and smooth creme, filling a siphon bottle and add 3 gas cartridges shake really good and then shot up in a half gourmet tray. put in a wacum bag and then wacumere  the tray, but stop wacum machine before it takes air.Cool down.
Chestnut Cake: Beat the butter and sugar add the eggs one by one then the white, add the flour, baking powder and milk then the puree. Rest in the fridge for 1 h. then bake for 35 min. to 180ºC. When cooked, crumble into pieces and dry in the hold´o´mat overnight.
Birch ice cream: Boil the milk and cream with the Birch bark infuse for 30 min. strain into the Whipped egg yolks and sugar add thick and easy. Freeze


Spread the Nutella on the plate with a brush, sprinkle some chestnut cake randomly on the plate add a few pieces of pine chocolate, the nuts and the wood sorrel, add 3 mounds of the caramel around the Nutella. Finish with a quenelle of the ice cream