For the argan and shrimp oil:
100 gr. Shrimp heads
60 ml. Argan oil
For the frozen shrimp air:    
25 ml. oil
5 cloves garlic, peeled
½ cayenne
300 gr. onions
150 gr. carrots      
200 gr. leek (white part)
300 gr. shrimp heads
1 gr. paprika
120 gr. tomatoes
150 ml. fried tomato
25 ml. cognac (flambéd)
2 l. shellfish stock
1 l. water
4 gelatin sheets
85 gr. butter
8 gr. sugar-ester
For the emulsified oil in a siphon:    
150 ml. Dauro olive oil
150 ml. Frantoio olive oil
300 ml. Young green pistachio oil
45 gr. Glice emulsifier
For the shrimp coral:
15 Shrimp heads
20 ml. Argan oil
For the shrimps:        
500 gr. Fresh Denia shrimps
Olive oil (0.4º)
20 gr.   Ripe lemon rind
8 gr. Garlic
2 Black peppercorns
Fresh young pistachios
Fresh organic orchids
Smoked dried pistachios
Pistachio praline
Powdered young pistachios
Orange wood smoke              
Salt flakes


Argan and shrimp oil: 
Sear the shrimp heads on the grill, turning once.
Place in a vacuum pack with the argan oil and seal. Cook in a bain-marie at controlled temperature for 3h, then leave the bag closed for 6h while it cools. Strain.
Frozen shrimp air: 
Gently fry the vegetables until soft but not browned. Add the shellfish stock and water and cook for 40 min. Leave to stand for 2h then blend in the robot. Pour through a cloth filter then bring to the boil again. When almost cold, add the above liquid.
Check the seasoning and color of the shellfish and shrimp base then add the gelatin, butter and sugar-ester.
Form an emulsion then freeze in the fast-freezer.
Emulsified oil: 
Heat the Dauro and Frantoio oils to 80ºC with the 45 gr. of Glice. Mix well, add the pistachio oil and leave to cool. Place in a siphon with 2 cartridges. Leave to stand for 2h before using the siphon.
Shrimp coral: 
Brush the heads with oil, season with salt and sear on the grill. Cool fast and, just before serving, extract the coral from the heads turning onto the shrimp tails.
Place the oil, lemon rind, garlic and pepper in a vacuum pack. Cook in a bain-marie at 55ºC for 3h. Meanwhile, wash the shrimps (reserving the heads and shells). Sprinkle with Himalaya salt at the last minute. Add the infused, emulsified oil and spray over the dish containing the shrimps. Chill.