INGREDIENTS (to serve 6)

6 Galician scallops

2 litres sea water

40 gr sea lettuce (Ulva rígida)

Common sorrel

Sea sorrel

Purslane (super-vegetable)

Sea fennel

Fresh chives

Nasturtium root

Codium oil:

150 gr codium (Codium tomentosum)

150 gr Abril olive oil, 100% Galician 


200 gr fresh codium

500 gr water

50 gr codium oil

2 gr xanthan gum

Cream of nasturtium root:

100 gr nasturtium root

50 gr sunflower oil

Table salt

Savoury seaweed meringue:

250 gr fresh codium (Codium tomentosum)

100 gr coarse salt

40 gr flour

4 egg whites

Modena vinegar jelly:

55 gr water

5 gr soy sauce

5 gr Modena vinegar

1 gr agar-agar


Wash the scallops to remove the coral and fibres. Wash well in ½ litre sea water. Leave to stand, in a refrigerator, for 3 days in ½ litre sea water, changing the water every day.

Codium oil: Cut the codium roughly with a knife and mix with the oil. Infuse at 80ºC for 12 hours. Filter then decant, discarding any water and retaining just the oil.

Emulsion: Place the seaweed and the water in a robot and blend. Strain, then return to a clean blender and, at medium-high speed, gradually add a thin stream of oil. Texturise with the xanthan gum, then transfer to a siphon with one cartridge.

Cream of nasturtium root: Carefully wash the nasturtium root and cut off the base. Place the cut root in a robot with the oil and blend to form an emulsion, but without raising the temperature. Season with salt and transfer to a squeezer bottle.

For the savoury meringue. Liquidise the codium and filter well. Beat the egg whites in a robot. When half-beaten add the salt and flour, then continue to beat until stiff. At a lower speed, gently add the liquidised seaweed in a thin stream. Turn into a small pan. Arrange the sea lettuce over the top to completely cover the meringue. Set aside.

Modena vinegar jelly: Boil the water, soy sauce, vinegar and agar agar in a pan. Transfer to a plate and chill until set. Crush the jelly in a blender, remove the air in the vacuum packaging machine and transfer to a squeezer bottle.

Finishing: Wash all the herbs and place separately in bowls of iced water.

Slowly cook the scallop on the plancha at a very low temperature, turning until warm and cooked to just the right degree. Place the scallops on the mixture of meringue and sea lettuce.


Fillet the scallops and serve as shown in the photo.