INGREDIENTS (to serve 10)

Tomato juice:

4 kg ripe red tomatoes

Tomato meringue bread slices:

300 gr tomato juice (see above)

1 gr de xanthan gum

25 powdered egg white

2 gr salt


1 kg ripe red tomatoes

100 gr cucumber

75 gr red pepper

300 gr white bread

60 gr extra virgin olive oil

60 gr spring onion

1 clove garlic

15 gr salt

300 gr water

Sherry vinegar

Gazpacho sorbet:

500 gr gazpacho (see above)

2 gelatine sheets (2 gr each, first soaked in cold water)


50 gr sherry vinegar, aged for 25 years


Tomato juice: Wash the tomatoes and remove the stem. Cut into pieces and liquidise. Without stirring, transfer the blender directly to the freezer and leave for 20 minutes to decant. Remove the thicker part from the top, and pour the clarified tomato juice at the bottom through a cloth filter. Chill.

Tomato meringue bread slices: Blend the tomato juice with the egg white until smooth. Add salt and xanthan then blend until smooth again. Chill for 12 hours.

Beat the mixture for 10 minutes at medium speed until the texture is like that of a meringue. Transfer to a piping bag with a smooth nozzle.

Pipe onto a silicone baking mat forming 10 squares the size of bread slices. Use a spatula to smooth the surface.

Dehydrate at 40ºC for 24 hours, to form spongy tomato bread slices. Use a spatula to cut off a little of the top of the slice so that the holes in the bread are more visible. Set aside in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. 

Gazpacho: Peel the garlic and blanch 3 times. Peel the cucumber and cut into pieces. Wash and seed the pepper and cut into pieces. Break up the bread. Peel the onion and cut into pieces. Cut the tomato into pieces. Place all the ingredients in a blender together with the water and chill for 12 hours. Then blend to form a thin, creamy texture. Season with vinegar and salt. Chill.

Gazpacho sorbet: Heat one quarter of the gazpacho, add the softened gelatine and stir until melted. Remove from the heat, add the rest of the gazpacho and chill. Before serving, transfer to a sorbet-maker and freeze at about -8ºC.


Carefully place two tablespoons of gazpacho sorbet on top of the tomato bread slices, taking care to not break the bread. Smooth with a spatula, then cover with another slice of tomato bread. Using a serrated knife, trim the edges to make a perfect square, then cut into triangles like sandwiches.

Serve with a few drops of sherry vinegar, so that the vinegar smell is noticed as the sandwich is eaten.