500 gr small cuttlefish

Basil oil

100 gr fresh basil
50 ml olive oil
10 gr table salt

Base for spherical polenta gnocchi

500 gr butter
1,500 ml water
60 ml basil oil (see above)
150 gr pine nuts
240 gr powdered polenta
10 gr table salt
45 gr calcium gluconolactate
150 gr parmesan cheese

Alginate bath

1 litre water
5 gr alginate

Spherical polenta gnocchi

1 litre alginate bath (see above
250 gr Parmesano Reggiano whey (see above)
200 gr base for spherical polenta gnocchi (see above)
1 nº13 plain nozzle

Gongonzola pesto sauce

37 gr basil
10 gr fresh garlic
37 ml olive oil
350 gorgonzola cheese
23 gr pine nuts
85 gr pecorino cheese

Squid ink sauce

500 gr squid
16 gr squid ink

500 gr onions
100 gr leeks
1 litre water
Cream of gorgonzola cheese
500 ml single cream

300 gr gorgonzola cheese


200 gr lemons
12 gr parmesan cheese

15 gr ripe red vine tomato

Remove the cuttlebone from the cuttlefish taking care to not burst the intestines. Cut off the legs of the cuttlefish below the mouth and eyes. Chill the clean cuttlefish.
Basil oil:
Pull the basil leaves off the stems and blanch in boiling salted water, then refresh in iced water. Drain and dry. Blend with the oil in a blender. Push through a strainer. Transfer to a measuring jug and leave to decant in order to obtain the maximum amount of purée. Discard any excess oil.
Base for spherical polenta gnocchi:
Place the water with the polenta and gluco in a pan and cook over a medium flame, stirring all the time with a spatula. When the water comes to the boil, cook for 5 minutes. Add the toasted, finely-chopped pine nuts, diced butter and blend with the cheese. When the cheese is well mixed in, remove from the heat and gradually add the basil oil. Season with salt. Pour the mixture into a container and chill for 1 hour until firm.
Alginate bath
: Mix the water with the alginate in a blender until the alginate is fully dissolved. Chill for 12 hours to remove any excess air.
Spherical polenta gnocchi
: Work the gnocchi base using a spatula until it forms a smooth dough. Transfer to a piping bag fitted with the nozzle indicated. Pour the alginate bath into a container allowing for a depth of 3 cm. Pipe strips of the gnocchi mixture into the alginate bath and, using scissors, cut into pieces 3 cm long. Quickly remove the gnocchi from the alginate bath (they should remain in it for only 5 seconds), and wash in cold water. Drain and submerge in the parmesano reggiano whey. Make 3 gnocchi per person. Chill for 24 hours.
Gongonzola sauce:
Blend the pine nuts, garlic and basil in a blender, keeping as cold as possible all the time. Gradually add the cheese, then add the oil in a thin stream. Season with salt.
Squid ink:
Cut the onion and leek into small dice. Fry in a stainless steel pan until lightly browned. Add the squid cut in pieces and brown for 10 minutes. Dissolve the squid ink in the water and add to the pan. Leave to cook for 30 minutes. Strain and set aside. Note: If necessary, the sauce can be thickened with cornflour.
Cream of gorgonzola cheese
: Boil the cream and add the gorgonzola in pieces. Blend using a hand blender, cover and leave to infuse for 30 minutes. Strain and season with salt.
For the tomato:
At the base of the tomato, make two superficial cuts in the shape of a cross. Use a pointed knife to remove the base of the stem. Submerge in boiling water for 15 seconds. Remove using a slotted spoon and cool in iced water. Peel, divide into segments and remove the seeds (which can be used in another dish). Cut the flesh into dice measuring approximately 0.5 cm. Chill, then dress with a few drops of oil and salt just before using.
For the crumbed lemon dice
: Peel the lemons, removing all the pith. Cut the skin into 0.1 cm dice. Set aside. Cut off the top and bottom of the lemons down to the flesh. Using a very sharp knife, extract the segments, separating them completely from the skin. Cut into 0.3 cm dice. Just before serving, coat each lemon dice with its finely-chopped skin.
For the parmesan flakes:
Use a vegetable peeler to cut off small flakes of parmesan.
Gently heat the spherical gnocchi but do not allow to boil. Carefully remove them, brush with the pesto sauce and heat under the grill with a piece of gorgonzola cheese on top of each of them. Sauté the cuttlefish, 3 per person, in a non-stick frying-pan with a few drops of olive oil. Brush the plate with some of the cream of gorgonzola and the squid ink sauce. Place the hot gnocchi on the plate and finish by arranging alternately 3 pieces of tomato, 2 crumbed lemon dice and the cuttlefish.
Heat four plates under the grill. Using a slotted spoon, drain the gnocchi from the parmesan whey and place 3 of them in the base of the plate.