Crème pâtissière:                            
570 ml. cream
380 ml. milk
190 gr. egg yolks
210 gr. inverted sugar

Madagascar chocolate mousse:     
1350 ml. crème pâtissière
1,2 Kg. 64 % Madagascar chocolate
1800 ml. cream

Golden egg:                                      
200 ml. water
600 gr. sugar  
120 ml. orange brandy  
Corn flour
Cocoa butter

Chocolate sponge:                           
1 Kg. ground almonds
200 gr. flour
800 gr. sugar
160 gr. egg yolks
1,2 Kg. egg
100 gr. cocoa
800 gr. egg white
200 gr. sugar

Black glaze:                                      
1075 ml. mineral water
1350 gr. sugar
225 gr. powdered milk (0% fat)
300 gr. cocoa powder
900 ml. cream
7.5 sheets gelatine


Crème pâtissière: Mix all the ingredients and cook at 80ºC.
Madagascar chocolate mousse: Heat the custard to 70ºC. Pour onto the chocolate, mix well and add the beaten cream.
Golden egg: Cook the water with the sugar to 117ºC, wetting the edges of the pan with a brush dipped in water. Remove from the heat and add the orange brandy. Cover the pan with a clean cloth and leave to stand for 5 min. Remove the cloth and very carefully transfer the mixture to another container. Repeat this operation 4 or 5 times until the mixture is smooth. Cover again with a clean cloth and leave to stand for 5 min. more. Change the pan 3 more times. Place corn flour in a bowl and indent making egg shapes. Fill these holes with the mixture. Sprinkle more corn flour over the surface to cover and place in a heater at 40ºC for 8 h. Very carefully turn the eggs then leave to dry for another 6 h. Remove any surplus starch using a soft brush. Brush the eggs with cocoa butter. The cocoa butter must be very cold because otherwise, when the eggs are frozen, they might crack.
Chocolate sponge: Sift the flour with the ground almonds. Place in the robot the flour mixture, sugar, egg and egg yolks and beat. Separately, make a meringue with the egg whites and sugar. Add the meringue to the previous mixture together with the sifted cocoa. Bake in a flat pan at 240ºC.
Black glaze: Heat the water with the sugar and powdered milk and stir well. When hot and dissolved, add the cocoa and cream and continue to cook until the mixture reaches a density of 32º Bè, or 102ºC.
Soak the gelatine in cold water, then drain and dry and add to the mixture when it has cooled down to 60ºC. Stir until completely dissolved. Weigh and add the glaze measuring just half the weight of the neutral gelatine. Before using the mixture, heat it to 30º C.


Partly fill a flexipan mould with the mousse and carefully set the golden egg in the middle. Cover with a little more mousse and close the top with chocolate sponge. Freeze. Turn out and glaze.