For the neutral caramel:
50 g. Isomalt
50 g. Glucose
100 g. Fondant
For the golden caramel wafers:
100 g. Neutral caramel
1 g. Powdered gold
For the yolk of quail egg:
10 Quail eggs
5 g. Sunflower oil
And also:
Maldon salt
Freshly-ground black pepper


Neutral caramel
Cook the fondant and glucose together, stirring until well dissolved, then add the Isomalt. Cook over a medium heat to 160ºC (the mixture will reach 165ºC with its own heat). Remove from the heat and spread the mixture over sulphur paper forming a layer 1 or 2 cm thick. When it reaches the right temperature, cut into squares about 5cm. across. Set aside.

Gold caramel wafers
Prepare an oven dish with 2 silpats and place the caramel squares between them. Place in the oven at 170ºC for 5 minutes until the caramel is soft, then roll out until very thin. Transfer to sulphur paper on the same oven dish and brush one side of the caramel with gold powder. Re-heat and cut into 2x2cm. squares.

Yolk of quail egg
Separate the whites from the yolks and cover the latter with sunflower oil.


Place a silpat on a metal tray and top with the well-drained yolks. Top each yolk with a sheet of caramel, with the gold side facing down. Place under the grill just until the caramel sticks to the yolk. Turn over the yolk by folding over the silpat, top with another layer of caramel and repeat.