El iconografico desayuno americano de jamon y huevo frito. Aqui un huevo falso de jamon Iberico

INGREDIENTS (Serves 6, 1 dozen "eggs")

Ham broth:              
400 gr. jamón Ibérico bones
3 l. water

Egg white:                
400 gr. ham broth, clarified
32 gr. powdered egg whites
1 gr. Xantana, part of the TEXTURAS line
2.4 gr. Calcic

Quail eggs

Algin bath:               
1l. water
5 gr. Algin

False egg:                  
The ham-egg white mixture
The quail yolks

4 ounces thinly sliced jamón Ibérico
Fresh chervil
Spanish extra virgin olive oil made from Picual olives
Maldon salt


Ham broth:Remove any remaining rind and the hoof from the bones. Cut the ham bones in half at the joint. Blanch the bones and drain them. Cover them with the 3l. of water. Cook over low heat for 5h. Skim any fats or foam from the surface. Strain the stock and place in the refrigerator. Remove any fats that appear on the surface.
Egg white:Mix the ham broth with the egg white powder using an immersion blender. Allow the mixture to sit in the refrigerator for at least 6 h. Remove a small amount of the mixture and combine with the Xantana using a whisk taking care not to introduce air to mixture. Return to the rest of the mixture. Add the calcic. Taste for salt. Vacuum pack small amounts of the mixture to remove any air that has gotten into the mixture. Repeat this process until there is no air visible.
Yolk: Separate the quail eggs and keep the yolks in cold water.
Algin bath: Combine the 1l. of water with the Algin and mix with an immersion blender.
False egg:Fill a tablespoon with the ham-egg white mixture. Carefully place a quail yolk in the center. Carefully slip the "egg" into the Algin bath. Take care that the yolk stays in the center of the "egg". Let the eggs sit in the Algin bath for 40 sec. With a perforated spoon, remove the "egg" and place into a container of water. Repeat with the remaining eggs.
Using a Roner digital thermostat, heat salt water to 65ºC. Add the eggs to the salt water bath. Cook the eggs for 1 min. per gram.


While the eggs are cooking, place some slices of ham on the right side of a soup bowl. Place two "eggs" on the opposite side of the bowl. Garnish with chervil. Drizzle with Spanish extra virgin olive oil made from Picual olives. Finish with Maldon salt.