INGREDIENTS: (to serve 6)

300 ml milk
100 gr heather honey
12 gr Resource
45 gr Sucro
1 siphon and 3 gas cartridges
1 metal vacuum container (Green Vac) 6 pieces of honeycomb (8 x 12 cm approx.)
Flowers (rosemary, basil, blue alyssum, white alyssum, mini marigolds)


Dissolve together and mix well the milk, honey, Resource and Sucro. Transfer to a siphon and attach 3 gas cartridges. Leave to stand for 1 day. Half fill the metal container with honey foam and connect to the vacuum machine using the Green Vac tube. Apply a vacuum until the foam rises. Carefully transfer to the freezer. Freeze the pieces of honeycomb.


First place a freshly-picked small sprig of white alyssum flowers in a small container. Allow the customer to smell the honey smell from the flowers. Place a piece of frozen honeycomb on a slate plate. Top with a piece of frozen honey air 6 x 6 x 10 cm approx. To finish, top with flowers.