Apricot and saffron chiboust

00 apricot purée
20 top-quality La Mancha saffron pistils
240 gr egg yolks
80 gr sugar
100 gr cream, 32% fat content
30 gr starch
 12 gr sheets gelatine
300 gr pasteurised egg whites
140 gr sugar

White chocolate mousse with Tahiti vanilla

700 gr milk
1 Tahiti vanilla pod
100 gr egg yolk
25 gr granulated sugar
80 gr starch
6 gr sheets gelatine
350 gr white couverture
500 gr cream, 32% fat content

Financier sponge

1000 gr caster sugar
400 gr ground Marcona almonds, with skin
400 gr light flour type 45
18 gr natural raising agent
600 gr beurre noisette
1 litre egg whites
gr Maldon salt
Natural raising agent

36 gr cream of tartar
18 gr sodium bicarbonate

vanilla fruit cream
1000 gr mineral water
1 Tahiti vanilla pod
600 gr sugar
25 gr NH pectin
15 gr citric acid (lemon juice)

Crystallised celery

500 gr sugar
200 gr water
25 gr DE glucose 42
Fresh celery


Apricot and saffron chiboust: Make a sauce similar to a crème patissière by adding the apricot purée with the cream and saffron pistils to the egg yolks previously beaten with 80 gr of sugar and the starch. Soak the gelatine, drain and add to the cooked egg mixture. Mix. Separately, beat the egg yolks with the 140 gr sugar and add to the previous mixture.
Take a pan measuring 60 x 40 cm, cover with a silicon mat, then place 15 cm square moulds 1 cm high on it and pour the chiboust into them. Freeze. Just before assembling the dessert, sprinkle the surface with granulated sugar and caramelise with a special hot iron.
White chocolate mousse with Tahiti vanilla: Prepare a crème patissière with the milk, Tahiti vanilla pod, open and scraped, the egg yolks, sugar and starch. Soak the gelatine then drain and add to the previous mixture while hot. Break the white couverture into small pieces and mix in. Stir until smooth and shiny. Separately, lightly beat the cream then add some of it to the mixture and mix in. Pour this mixture onto the rest of the half-beaten cream and mix in delicately to obtain a smooth, even mousse.
Financier sponge: Place the sugar, almonds, sieved flour, raising agent and Maldon salt in the bowl of a robot. Work at speed 1, then add the warm egg whites. Mix in. Finally add the warm beurre noisette and mix in. Chill at 4ºC for 12 hours. Just before using, warm the dough and spread inside frames 15 cm in diameter and 2 cm high placed on a silicon mat, using 200 gr of dough per mould. Bake at 220ºC.
Natural raising agent: Mix the two ingredients. These amounts are for each 1000 gr of flour.
Tahiti vanilla fruit cream: Make a cold infusion with the open, scraped vanilla pod. Chill for 12 hours. Mix the sugar with the pectin and dilute while cold with the vanilla infusion from which the vanilla pod has been removed. Bring to the boil, add the lemon juice and remove from the heat.
Cool to 50-60ªC then pour into frames or silicon moulds 2 cm high. Chill at 4ºC and cut.
Crystallised celery: Blanch the celery in plenty of boiling, lightly salted water. Drain. Heat the water with the sugar and glucose. When it comes to the boil, remove from the heat and add the blanched celery. Heat again, but without boiling, for about 10 minutes. Remove the pan from the heat and leave the celery to stand in the syrup. When cold, transfer to airtight containers with the syrup and chill. Just before use, drain and cut threads or pieces as required.
Comment Although industrial baking powder is generally used to prepare cake mixes, it is not at all difficult to make your own natural baking powder. The end result is excellent.
Place a guitar sheet (flexible plastic sheet) on a baking pan measuring 60 x 40 cm then place on top of it a frame 16 cm long and 3.5 cm high. At one corner, place a leaf mould or whatever shape you wish. Fill the frame with 1 cm of white chocolate mousse with Tahiti vanilla and top with a square of apricot and saffron chiboust, first caramelised with sugar using a special hot iron. Smooth over with a layer of white chocolate mousse with Tahiti vanilla and top with the square of financier sponge. Cover with kitchen film and freeze. Turn out and brush with white couverture to give a velvety effect. Decorate with an ingot of vanilla cream and threads of crystallised red chard and celery.