For the cucumber skin infusion: 
33% liquidised cucumber
33% clarified mussel juice
33% oyster juices
For the liquidised cucumber skins: 
700 g. cucumber (+/- 2.5 kg. cucumber)
For the clarified mussel juice: 
3 kg. mussels
75 g. butter
6 shallots
2 onions
Green leak, thyme and celery
750 g. white wine
For the cucumber skin jelly: 
33% liquidised cucumber skins
33% clarified mussel juice
33% oyster juices                                                                 Agar-agar
For the raw herb salad: 
12 sprigs chervil
12 leaves tarragon
8 sprigs parsley
8 leaves watercress
20 chive tips
8 celery leaves
2 sorrel leaves, in julienne strips
For the vinaigrette: 
15 g. celery, chopped
50 g. shallot, chopped
20 g. parsley, chopped
50 g. spring onion, chopped
250 g. extra virgin olive oil 
60 g. sherry vinegar 
180 g. duck stock, reduced
100 g. truffle, chopped
Freshly-ground pepper
For the celery sorbet: 
1 l. water
250 g. sugar 
200 g. glucose
Juice of 1 lemon
500 g. celery juice
80 g. inverted sugar
8 sheets gelatine
And also:  
Belly pork


Liquidised cucumber skins
Peel the cucumber, liquidise and strain.

Clarified mussel juice
Place the onion, shallot, green leek, thyme and celery in a pan with butter and sweat for 5 minutes. Add the white wine and boil for 5 minutes without allowing the mixture to darken. Add the mussels and a generous sprinkling of pepper, cover and boil for 3 minutes. Remove from the heat and leave to stand covered for a further 3 minutes. De-fat the resulting liquid and leave to cool. Clarify with a proportion of 150g. egg white for every 1 litre of mussel juice.

Oyster juice
Collect the liquid found inside the oysters when opened, and strain.

Cucumber skin jelly
Mix the three liquids. Take 1/10th of the mixture and boil with 1.3g. agar-agar per litre, keeping the rest at 35ºC so that it conserves its properties. Mix the two and pour through a cloth filter. Pour 2 tablespoonfuls onto small bernardeau dishes.

Raw herb salad (3g. per dish)
Carefully wash the herbs and place in iced water to make them crisp. Drain and place on kitchen paper.

Vinaigrette (2 tsps per 3g. of salad)
Place the vinegar with the duck stock and the chopped vegetables, except for the parsley and the truffle, in a concave bowl. Gradually beat in the oil with a whisk. Finally, add the parsley and truffle and season with salt and pepper.

Celery sorbet: Mix the water, sugar and glucose and heat to melt the glucose. Liquidise the celery and strain through a fine strainer. Mix the liquidised celery with the inverted sugar, lemon juice, water, glucose and sugar, and add 8 sheets of gelatine per litre.

Belly pork: Cut into pieces measuring 4 x 3 cm and place each piece in a bag. When required, cook for 10 minutes in the Ronner at 65ºC and just before serving, sauté on all 4 sides.


Place the salad with the truffle vinaigrette to one side of the dish containing the jelly, with the sautéed pork alongside and, at the centre, a quenelle of celery sorbet.