Jasmine ice cream

2 cups (480 ml) cream
1 cup (240 ml) milk
1 cup (240 gr) sugar
50 gr jasmine flowers

Candied shrimp paste

200 gr wild ginger
1 grilled catfish
1 coriander root
1 onion
100 gr lemongrass
100 gr garlic
200 gr palm sugar
400 gr shrimp paste


Deep-fried shallot
Fried wild ginger (shredded)
Powdered sundried pork

Jasmine ice cream:
Heat the cream, milk and sugar together and mix well. Leave to cool at room temperature. Submerge the jasmine flower in the mixture and chill overnight. Pour into a Pacojet container and freeze. Place in the Pacojet machine and make the ice-cream.
Candied shrimp paste:
Use only the flesh of the grilled catfish. Sauté the coriander root, garlic, lemongrass and onion for 1 minute. Add the other ingredients, reduce the heat, stir and cook until dry and thick (about 15 minutes). Leave to cool. When cold, roll the mixture into balls (2.5 in diameter), coat with flour and fry until golden.

Form a bed of fried shallot on the base of the plate. Add a ball of ice cream. Serve the rest of the garnish, keeping the other ingredients separate from the ice cream. Decorate with chopped scallion.