Korean Bolognese
120 gr garlic, peeled
500 gr red onion
2800 gr minced pork
600 gr fresh bacon
750 ml table wine
500 gr fried tomato
200 gr spicy garlic
50 gr 5 spices
250 gr pickled shiitake
300 gr kimchi
500 gr tomato (diced and seeded)
Karashi sauce
500 gr miso
30 gr yuzu
70 gr rice vinegar
60 gr karashi (Japanese mustard paste)
Other ingredients
1 mandarin
60 gr rice gnocchi
1 tbsp rice noodles
1 tbsp Thai basil leaves
1 tbsp powdered dried tomato


Korean Bolognese: Gently fry the garlic with the red onion. Add the minced pork and bacon. Add the table wine, reduce and add the fried tomato and spicy garlic. Fry a little more, then add the 5 spices, shiitake, kimchi and chopped tomato. Simmer for 1 hour.
Karashi sauce: Mix all the ingredients well.
Other ingredients: Cut the mandarin into segments. Cut the rice gnocchi and cook for 2½ minutes in plenty of boiling water. Fry the rice noodles in hot oil until slightly golden and crisp


Transfer the desired amount of Bolognese sauce to a hot non-stick frying-pan and toast a little. Add the cut and cooked gnocchi, and sauté over a hot flame for 2 minutes. Serve, then sprinkle the plate with powdered tomato and decorate with Thai basil leaves. Add thin strips of karashi-sumiso and top with rice crisps. Accompany with a segment of mandarin to be squeezed over the dish.