Caramelized lemon: 
10 lemons
3 l. of water
3 l. of syrup
Lemon sorbet:
500 ml. of lemon juice
500 ml. of lemon syrup
For the cake:
800 gr. of butter
10 gr. of salt
600 gr. of powdered sugar
200 gr. of egg yolks
1 kg. of flour
200 gr. of powdered coconut
For the glazed cake:
250 gr. of powdered sugar
250 ml. of water
200 gr. of brown butter
For the vanilla flavoured whipped cream (vanilla Chantilly cream):
500 ml. of cream
125 gr. of sugar
For the citrus sections:
1 section of grapefruit
1 section of lemon
1 section of orange
1 section of lime
some lemon curd


For the caramelized lemon:
Select some well-shaped lemons of 95-100 gr. each. Make a small hole on the base of the lemon with an apple corer.  Remove the pulp with a fruit carving knife. Boil with plenty of water at 95° C for 12 hours. Pour off the water and remove the rest of the inside skins. Boil the lemons in syrup at 95° C for 12 hour then drain off the syrup. Carefully remove the remaining white skin. Reduce the syrup by boiling it at 104° C. Add the lemons once more to the syrup and just bring the mixture to the boil. Refrigerate for the night.
For the lemon sorbet:
Blend all the ingredients and freeze. Blend the mixture in a Pacojet food processor. Freeze again for at least 6 hours.
For the glazed cake:
Boil the sugar in water then mix with the brown butter in the food processor.  Set aside at room temperature.
For the cake:
Soften the butter and add the rest of the ingredients. Mold a 3.5 mm. sheet with a cylinder. Bake at 160° C for 15 min. Cut into 20 x 1 cm. pieces.  Glaze the dough with a brush. Bake again at 160° C. for between 5 to 7 min.
Vanilla flavoured whipped cream (vanilla Chantilly):
Stir until blended. Store inside a 500ml. siphon charged once.


Fill the caramelized lemons with a Chantilly base, crown with lemon sorbet and finally pour over with the lemon curd. Place on a plate with the hole upside down together with the citrus sections. Place a slice of cake on top of the lemon.