Lettuce heart
1 lettuce heart
Extra virgin olive oil
Wine vinegar

1 endive
Olive oil
Wine vinegar

Lettuce heart stem
Stem of the lettuce heart
Lettuce shoots
2 Batavia lettuce leave
2 cos lettuce leaves
2 watercress leaves
2 endive leaves
2 curly lettuce leaves

Swiss chard earth
600 gr flour
100 gr sugar
200 gr butter
600 liquidised Swiss chard

Lettuce heart: Osmotise the leaves of the lettuce heart with olive oil, wine vinegar and salt. Remove from the liquid, blend and leave to drain until a paste forms.
Endive: Cut into julienne strips and osmotise in the same way as the heart.
Stem of the lettuce heart: Cut into sticks and osmotise.
Swiss chard earth: Blend all the ingredients, soften the butter and mix with the Swiss chard. Attach a cartridge. Spread the dough onto a pan and bake at 200ºC. Break up with a spatula, then freeze and, finally, crush.
Make a croquette from the lettuce heart paste, and sprinkle with Swiss chard earth. Top with the julienne of endives and the sticks from the stem of the lettuce heart. Finally, cover by standing the lettuce shoots upright on the base ingredients.