Alto el sol Mousse:   
1,160 ml. of whipped cream
580 ml. of goat’s milk
870 gr. 64% cocoa Alto el sol (Perú)
Crispy freeze-dried onion, almond and chocolate: 
472 gr. of almond paste
80 gr. of cocoa butter,
95 gr. of milk coating
50 gr. “pallete feulletine”
150gr of freeze-dried onion
Qty / Req of salt flakes
Blown sugar decanter:
1 kg. of sugar
450 gr. of water
12 drops of tartaric acid
200 gr. of glucose
meringue flavoured with red wine


Alto el sol mousse:
First, half whip the cream. Heat the milk to 85º C, pour over the cocoa, roughly cut, and mix well until a smooth, glossy cream is obtained. Cool down to 30º C.
Add a little half whipped cream to smooth the mixture. Pour over the rest of the half whipped cream. Mix well and delicately to get a spongy, smooth and glossy texture.
Crispy freeze-dried onion, almond and chocolate:
Melt the cocoa butter and mix with the almond paste and the melted milk coating. Once the mixture is smooth add the onion, the “pallete feulletine” and salt flakes. Remove the mixture carefully so as not to break the crunchy pieces. Pour into a frame and leave to crystallize in the fridge so it can later be cut into pieces of the desired size to place on the base.
Blown sugar decanter:
Mix water and sugar and when it starts to boil add the glucose. Once the temperature reaches 155 º C add the acid. Remove from heat and cool the pan in cold water. Pour over a teflon pan and leave to cool. Use the blown sugar to make a decoration in the shape of a decanter and fill with red wine flavoured meringue.