INGREDIENTS (to serves 4)

Liquid fudge dessert with egg: 
4 farm eggs
10 gr. of chopped truffle
5 gr. of chopped spring onions
1 lemon juice
fine salt           
ground black pepper
Truffle tart:   
120 gr. of fresh truffles
fleur de sel
ground pepper           
clarified butter
Truffle sauce: 
2 cloves of garlic
2 shalots eschallots
500 gr. of bird skeleton
4.5 dl. of bird stock
2 cl. of truffle juice
truffle oil
2 cl of Madeira wine
2 cl. of Oporto wine
1 sprig of fresh thyme
110 gr. of truffle purée
Other ingredients needed:  
spring onion oil


Liquid fudge dessert with egg:

Break the eggs and separate the yolks. Beat the egg white stiff with a bit of fine salt, season with the juice, salt, truffle and spring onions. Mold 4 volcanoes with the stiff egg whites and place the egg yolks in the centre. Finish filling with the rest of the stiff egg whites. Boil at a very high temperature (120º C) for 4 minutes and remove from the oven; leave to stand for 1 min.
Truffle tart:
Thoroughly wash the fruit then dry and peal carefully (conserve the skins for another use). Cut 72 paper thin slices of truffle 1 mm thick then cut the slices again with a mould 3.2 cm. in diameter. Rub four discs of sulphurized paper with a clove of garlic. Place the discs over the round stainless steel sheets and in the centre of each one a slice of truffle; around this arrange a rosette with 8 paper thin truffle slices, paint each of the ends with the clarified butter. Seal and keep in the cold.
Truffle sauce:
Bake the skeletons, shallots, garlic and thyme inside a pot. Deglaze with the Madeira and Oporto wine and reduce to a glaze.  Add the bird stock until it thickens and strain. Bind the truffle purée with the stock and truffle oil, add seasoning.


Turn the egg out on a plate. Coat with a truffle rosette, salt flower fleur de sel and ground pepper (just one turn of the grinder). Crown with the spring onion and the truffle sauce. Place the rest of the sauce into a sauce boat.