INGREDIENTS (to serve 4)


2 lobsters, weighing 700 gr approx.


Coral from the lobsters

50 gr cucumber

50 gr mango

10 gr mayonnaise

30 gr caviar 

For the tails:

4 cloves garlic



Tails of the two lobsters

8 free-range chicken wings

Ground black pepper

1 litre dark chicken stock


White wine

Lobster claw suquet:

4 lobster claws

120 gr sea cucumber

1 litre dark fish stock

300 gr potato

30 gr traditional sofrito

2 cloves garlic

Extra virgin olive oil 


Lobsters: Separate the tail, head and claws and reserve the coral. Boil the claws in salted water for 3 minutes, separate at the knuckles and refresh.

Salpicón of lobster knuckles with cucumber, mango, coral emulsion and caviar: Brown the coral in a frying-pan, without letting it stick, and set aside. Use to form an emulsion to dress the salpicón. Cut the knuckle flesh into pieces, and dice the mango and cucumber.

Lobster tails: Bake the unpeeled cloves of garlic, then peel and push through a sieve and add salt and sugar. Transfer to a squeezer bottle.

Bone the chicken wings. Use the wing tips and the bones to prepare a roast chicken sauce. Place the chicken wing flesh in a vacuum pack and cook sous-vide for 3 hours. Then brown over charcoal and glaze with the roast chicken sauce.

Cut the lobster tail lengthwise, place on a skewer and cook over charcoal. Shell and brush with the garlic sauce.

Suquet of the claw with sea cucumber: Make a stock with the heads and shells and use to prepare the suquet. In a pan, brown a clove of garlic until almost burnt, add a spoonful of traditional sofrito and the stock. Bring to the boil and add the potatoes cut into small balls. Cook, then check the texture and seasoning. Separately, brown the claws and the sea cucumber then add.


Serve the salpicón and finish with a ball of caviar.

Then serve the tail with two drops of baked garlic.