INGREDIENTS (to serve 4)
Passion fruit mayonnaise

1 egg
60 gr passion fruit purée
8 gr Dijon mustard
200 ml Arbequina extra virgin olive oil
2 gr table salt


1 blue lobster
1 bay leaf
8 gr table salt

Tomato seeds

400 gr ripe tomato

To finish

40 gr leek
30 gr physalis
50 gr passion fruit mayonnaise
20 gr mustard shoots
50 ml Arbequina extra virgin olive oil


Passion fruit mayonnaise:
Beat the ingredients in a blender. Transfer to a squeezer bottle.
Boil the lobster in salted water with a bay leaf for 4 minutes. Remove the body and leave to cool. Boil the claws for an extra 2 minutes. Cool. Shell the tail and claws. Thinly slice the tail into 12 pieces, and each claw in 2 pieces.
Tomato seeds
: Remove the seeds and water from the tomato. Season with salt.

Cut the leek into very thin slices. Remove the leaves from the physalis and cut into 4. Arrange the tomato seeds over the base of the plate, and top with the lobster, leek and physalis. Add a few drops of mayonnaise. Finish with mustard shoots and drizzle with Arbequina extra virgin olive oil.