INGREDIENTS: (to serve 1)

Green lawn:
1 poached egg
30 gr white asparagus
10 gr truffle cream
15 gr salted herring with onion and oil
20 gr green herb sauce
0.5 gr salt
1.5 gr watercress
20 gr truffle sauce
2.5 gr cod roe
5 gr edible flowers
5 gr “Borodinsky” rye bread crumbs

Truffle cream:
0.5 litre cream
20 gr truffle oil

Herring with onion and oil:
100 gr salted herring
50 gr onion
50 gr oil

Green herb sauce:
20 gr sorrel leaves
20 gr dill
20 gr parsley
20 gr spinach
5 gr lemon juice
0.2 gr salt
2 gr xanthan gum

Truffle sauce:
10 gr mushroom stock
5 gr white truffle paste
3 gr white truffle oil
10 gr cream
Salt, sugar

“Borodinsky” rye bread earth:
50 gr Bodorinsky rye bread (dry)
10 gr pine nuts
10 gr sunflower oil
2 gr salt


Poached egg: Separate the yolk from the white. Cover a round mould, 5 or 6 cm in diameter, with kitchen film, coat with vegetable oil, place the yolk in the centre and add a little white. Close, forming a little bag. Place in boiling water and leave for 5 minutes. Remove the film.
Truffle cream: Mix the ingredients well and transfer to a syphon. Before serving, extract some of the mixture and freeze in liquid nitrogen.
Herring with onion and oil: Cut the onion and brown in the oil. Cut the herring into small pieces and sauté lightly with the onion and oil.
Green herb sauce: Liquidise the herbs and green vegetables together. Add the lemon juice and salt. Thicken with xanthan gum.
Truffle sauce: Boil the mushroom stock. Add the truffle paste. Beat the cream and white truffle oil by hand, then add to the stock together with salt and sugar.
“Borodinsky” rye bread earth: Grind the rye bread in a grinder. Fry the pine nuts, chop finely and mix with the bread, oil and salt.


Arrange on a plate the frozen truffle cream, asparagus, cod roe, bread earth, herring with onion and oil, and the watercress. At the centre place the poached egg. Decorate with flowers. Serve the truffle sauce separately using a syringe.