The main characteristic of sherbets is the absence of fats and powdered milk in their composition. This increases their fresh sensation, preserving the genuine flavour of the fruit with which they are made.
Nearly all fresh fruit has an acidity (pH) of less than 5, so they do not need to be pasteurised (bacteria do not survive in a pH of 5 or less). This fact helps the fruit preserve their original flavour, preventing them from taking on a "cooked" flavour when they are heated (85ºC during pasteurisation). The fruit should, therefore, be added cold to the syrup once it has been pasteurised and cooled to 4ºC.

BASIC SYRUP: Advanges It is very quick, practical and simple since one just has to pasteurise some syrup and store it in a refrigerator at 4ºC. Preservation is no problem, because syrup is made up of water, neutral sugars and lemon juice which allows it to be stored in hermetically closed and aseptic containers for days and even weeks. This provides us with ready-made syrup at all times, so we merely need to weigh the required amount of syrup, add the fruit, blend or grind them together depending on the type of citric or fruit chosen, and process in the ice cream machine to rapidly obtain the desired amount of sherbet.

Basic syrup formula: When preparing the basic syrup, remember that the proportions are 500g. per 1000g. of mix; the remaining 500g. are added when the sherbet is made. If the amount of fruit to be added is less than 500g. because of its strong flavour or acidity, these 500g. will have to completed with water or sugar, if necessary. The total sugar content in the fruit or juice added must be 70g. to ensure the same texture in all the sherbets. If the sugar content of the fruit or juice is lower, add sucrose to complete the 70g.

INGREDIENTS (to make a banana sherbet basic syrup, Knowing that the ideal amount of bananas is 350g. in 1000g. of mix), the process as follows:   

500g. of basic syrup
350g. of peeled bananas
150g. of water per 1000g. of sherbet. Thus, the 350g. of bananas provide 70g. of sugar, so there is no need to add sucrose. On the other hand, the 150g. of water complete the 500g. which have to be added to the 500 g of basic syrup to make 1000g. of banana sherbet.

Another example: to make a raspberry sherbet, knowing that we need 400g. of raspberries, the process is as follows: 500g. of basic syrup + 400g. of raspberries+ 38g. of sugar + 62g. of water = 1000g. of sherbet. Thus, the sugar contained in the 400g. of raspberries is 32g., to which we have added 38g. of sugar to complete the 70g. we need, and 62g. of water to obtain a total of 1000g. of sherbet.