INGREDIENTS (serves 6)

450 g. chickpeas
6 fresh chorizos
1 wild cabbage
Cured pig's ear
400 g. potatoes
20 g. tapioca
100 g. dry bread
75 g. cured bacon
Olive oil


Cook and leave to stand for 1 day in the cooking stock.

Chickpea stock
Drain the chickpeas and strain the stock through a cloth strainer.

Cabbage stock
Lightly fry the green leaves of the cabbage in a little oil. Add the chickpea stock and boil for 30 minutes. Strain.

Chorizo cubes
Simmer the chorizos in water for about 30 minutes. Strain and fill ice trays with the resulting stock. Freeze.

Dry chickpeas (separated from the cooking stock). Ear (without the cartilage) fried in tempura. Cabbage stem sticks in a ginger confit. Bread cut into thin sticks, moistened then dried in the oven. Potato cooked with tapioca then crushed, dried and fried to mix it afterwards with dried, powdered bacon.


Serve the stock as a cocktail in a whisky tumbler and accompany with the snacks.