600 g. loin of beef
1 kg. sea salt
40 g. juniper berries
150 g. butter
16 giant capers
Olive oil
Grey salt


Prepare two entrecôtes of beef and trim off any skin and surface fat. Roast the juniper berries in the oven until completely dry, then crush coarsely and mix with the sea salt. Place half the salt and juniper mixture over the base of a dish then top with the meat. Cover with the rest of the salt and leave to stand for 1 hour. Remove the meat then wash and dry it.

Fry the meat on all sides in a little butter with olive oil. Leave to stand for a few minutes then place in a vacuum pack with a few juniper berries and brown butter.


Cook in a bain-marie for 30 minutes at 60ºC. Serve with brown butter, roast juniper berries, capers and grey salt.