Vinegar tincture:
3/3 parts of grape syrup
1/3 PX vinegar
1/3 water
3 grs. Xanthan gum
Osmundea oil:
200 grs. Osmundea seaweed
300 ml. Sunflower oil
Cream of wakame:  
100 grs. Wakame seaweed
100 ml. Mineral water
100 ml. Osmundea oil
5 grs. Xanthan gum
240 grs. Fresh scallop
Soy sprouts
Cubes fried bread
Mint in julienne strips
Salt flakes


Vinegar tincture:
Mix all the liquids then add the xanthan gum and beat until the mixture thickens.
Osmundea oil:
Place the Osmundea seaweed in a vacuum pack with the sunflower oil.
Cook in a bain-marie for 1 hour. Filter and set aside the oil in the refrigerator.
Cream of wakame:
Blend the wakame seaweed with the mineral water and the xanthan gum. Add the Osmundea oil and filter the mixture through a fine cloth filter. Transfer to a siphon and add a nitrogen cartridge. Chill for 1 hour.


Fillet the scallop and arrange to one side of a heated plate. To the other side place some cream of wakame and in the middle the vinegar tincture. Sprinkle over some herbs and the fried bread cubes and season with the salt flakes.