100 gr. sweet pimentón     
50 gr. oregano                  
2 kg. oxtail              
Sunflower oil
1 l. red wine                  
200 gr. onion                   
1 bay leaf                        
5 gr. tomato concentrate   
Black pepper

Oxtail burger:                      
50 gr. shallot                                      
100 gr. mushrooms
500 gr. cooked oxtail 

Oxtail mayonnaise:              
100 ml. pasteurised liquid egg    
3 ml. sherry vinegar                           
75 ml. sunflower oil                        
150 ml. oxtail sauce                            


Oxtail: Mix the pimentón and oregano in a bowl. Cut the oxtail into pieces and season with salt and pepper. Then dip into the pimentón and oregano mixture and fry briefly in sunflower oil. Drain on absorbent paper. Put in a pan with the red wine. Reduce then add water to cover. Bring to the boil, skim the surface and add the onion, tomato and bay leaf. Simmer for 5 h., then remove the oxtail and separate the meat from the bone. Chill the meat. Blend the sauce and strain through a chinois. Return to the heat and reduce by one quarter. Chill.
Oxtail burger: Cut the shallot into small pieces and brown in a frying pan with a little olive oil. Push through a chinois and set aside. Remove the stems from the mushrooms, dice and sauté. Set aside.
Chop the oxtail meat with a knife and mix in the onion and mushrooms. Season the mixture with salt and shape into burgers, weighing about 60 gr. each. Wrap in kitchen film and chill.
Oxtail mayonnaise: Make a mayonnaise with the egg, vinegar and oil. Add the oxtail sauce, season with salt and chill.


Sear the burger on the grill, taking care it does not break. Place a slice of cheese on top and heat in the oven at 150ºC for about 3 min. Cut open the hamburger roll and spread with mayonnaise. Add a few rocket leaves, then insert the burger and top with a few more leaves. Serve with a little mayonnaise to one side.