Partridge in escabeche:       
1 dressed partridge
2 onions, in julienne slices
1 head garlic cut in half
Bay leaf, thyme
Olive oil 0.4º
White vinegar

135 ml. water
135 gr. partridge stock
2.5 gr. agar-agar
2.5 gr. gellan gum

Partridge roll:                       
One square of veil 8×8
Partridge in escabeche

3 onions + 1 burnt onion
2 leeks
2 carrots, peeled
1 head garlic
Bay leaf, thyme
4 partridges, dressed (and bled)
1 small veal knee bone

Bourbon jelly:                               
330 ml. black beer
100 ml. bourbon
150 gr. cane sugar
4 gr. agar-agar


Partridge in escabeche: Cut the partridge into pieces, separating the thighs, breasts and wings. To make the escabeche, sear the head of garlic in plenty of oil, then add the onion and fry gently. Add the bay leaf, thyme and white vinegar. Reduce a little then add the partridge. When cooked, season with salt and pepper. Leave the partridge to stand in the escabeche.
Veil: Mix all the ingredients while cold, bring to the boil and pour onto a flat pan to set.
Partridge roll: Remove the flesh from the bones, season with salt and pepper and wrap with the square veil to form a roll.
Consommé: Dice the vegetables and cook with the other ingredients for 8 hours. Strain through a chinois and cool. Clarify with 2 beaten egg whites per litre of stock.
Boubon jelly: Bring all the ingredients to the boil to allow the agar-agar to act. Cool. Blend and transfer to a squeezer bottle or a forcing bag.


Serve the roll, add a little consommé and decorate with a few drops of bourbon jelly.