Foie gras yoghurt

500 gr Greek yoghurt
250 gr foie mi-cuit
35 gr sugar

Cream of eel

100 gr smoked eel
200 gr cream 34% fat content
Brown colouring
1.5 sheets gelatine (for every 400 gr cream of eel)

Pickled oranges:

5 dessert oranges
3 cloves garlic
1 onion
2 carrots
50 gr sherry vinegar
500 gr chicken stock
30 gr olive oil
Table salt


Foie-gras yoghurt: Leave the foie gras at room temperature for 20 minutes, then blend to a smooth cream. Strain and set aside.
Mix the yoghurt with the sugar and add the creamed foie gras. Beat to make a smooth, creamy mixture. Cream of eel: Cut the eel into pieces and sauté over a low flame. Remove some of the fat released and add the cream.
Cook until reduced to half. Blend and pour through a cloth filter. Weigh, then add the right amount of gelatine and a little brown colouring.
Leave to cool for 6 hours. Beat lightly to break up the texture and transfer to a forcing bag. Squeeze out tubes about 20 cm long by 6 cm across. Freeze.
After a few hours, paint with a mixture of cream and black colouring to simulate the tip of a pencil. Freeze again.
To make the sharpenings, slice using an electric slicer, forming false shavings of eel. Chill.
Pickled oranges: Cut the garlic in half then sauté. Add the onion and carrot and sauté until soft. Add the vinegar and reduce, then add the chicken stock. Reduce to half and season with salt.
Peel the oranges, remove the segments and cut each segment into four pieces.
Add the pickle mixture to the oranges and chill.
Place 50 gr foie gras yoghurt on a plate. Add 2 pieces of pickled orange and a little freshly-ground pink pepper and Sichuan pepper. At the last minute, arrange the eel shavings on top.