4. roots from the heart salad
4. Small carrots 
4. Bonbon beets 
4. Yellow beets
4 .small fennel 
4. Small red onions 
4 green onions 
4 small Jerusalem artichoke 
12 wild onions
Raw marinated vegetables: 
4. radishes with top
4 slices of truffle
4 thin slices of candy beets
4 thin slices of Jerusalem artichoke
4 thin slices carrots
20 roasted peanuts

Potato and mushroom powder:        
250 gr. dried shitake mushrooms
170 gr. potatoes
1 tsp of salt
2 tsp muscavado sugar
170 gr. honey roasted Peanuts

Smoked potatoes                 
12 small boiled red potatoes
sawdust & hay 
peanut oil

Truffles puree:                     
100g. truffle from Gotland
1 ½ shallot, cut into small dices
1 ½ clove garlic finely cut
30 grams champignons
½ dl. Sherry
1 dl. Mushroom bouillon
15g. Parsley root cooked
1 tbsp. Black truffle oil

Roasted peanut mayonnaise:          
50 gr. peeled Jerusalem artichokes
25 gr. butter
2 Soft cooked eggs (boiled in 4 minutes)
1 dl. peanut oil
1 roasted lemon

Peanut vinaigrette:               
1 tbsp honey
1 lime juice
200 ml Peanut oil

Butter emulsion for cooking vegetables:  
200 gr butter
200 ml. of water


Potato and mushroom powder: Slice the potatoes on a Mandolin very thin poach in salted water refresh in ice water then dry until Crisp. Blend all the ingredients together in the blender.
Peanut vinaigrette: Squeeze the lime juice into the honey, with a hand blender, blend in the oil.
Smoked potatoes: Rub the cooked potatoes with a little salt, peanut oil and then put them on a grill to fit a half size gourmet tray. Take a ½ gourmet tray and cover the bottom with tinfoil then sprinkle the sawdust and hay. Burn with a Gas burner so the hay starts to burn, put the grid with potatoes on the fire, cover with tinfoil so the fire is stifled and there is smoke that the potatoes will get the flavour from.
Truffles puree: Roast onion, garlic and champion, add sherry and reduce until the sherry is completely gone. Add mushroom bouillon and reduce by half. Blend mass with truffles, Parsley root, truffle oil and taste with salt. Colour it with ink.
Roasted peanut mayonnaise: Cut the lemon in half and roast them on a grill pan. Caramelize the Jerusalem artichoke in a thick bottomed pot. Then deglaze with water. Repeat until Jerusalem artichoke is tender, and then cool down. Blend Jerusalem artichoke with the soft-boiled eggs then mounts with peanut and taste it with the roasted lemon and salt
Butter emulsion for cooking vegetables: Bring the water and butter to boil, and blend it..
Vegetables: Blanch all the vegetables in separate pans until almost cooked. Bring the solution to almost boiling point and add all Blanch vegetables to finish cooking. Marinate in Peanut vinaigrette for serving
Raw marinated vegetables: Marinate the raw vegetable in Peanut vinaigrette for serving


Put 3 dots of pure truffles on the plate randomly scatter the vegetables around the plate then sprinkler on the mushroom powder.