4 diced pickled herring filets
8 small potatoes
2 boiled organic egg yolks
50 gr. of wild capers
50 gr. of chopped red onion
50 gr. of gräddfil (Swedish sour cream)
50 gr. of caviar
100 gr. of canned herring juice
1 leaf of gelatine
salt flakes
freshly ground black pepper
Fine crunchy Swedish fennel bread
organic butter
150 g. brown butter


Boil the potatoes in their skins in salty water. Slice and set aside.Blend the gelatine with the canned herring juice and refrigerate. Dice the gelatine when cold.


Warm some steep sided plates. Spread a strand of sour cream over one half. Pour some brown butter onto the other half. Place the chopped capers, caviar, chopped egg yolks, red onion and the gelatine over the sour cream.
On the other half of the plate place 4 potato halves in line and the diced pickled herring. Pour the rest of the brown butter over this side.
Make small side sandwiches with the crunchy fennel bread and organic butter. Serve as garnish.