25 Napoleon oysters
150 cc olive oil (0.4)
350 cc extra virgin olive oil (Arbequina)
10 cc wine vinegar
20 cc sherry vinegar
15 fino sherry
3 cloves garlic
8 bay leaves
Black pepper
1 bunch codium seaweed


First prepare the pickle sauce. Start by placing some sea salt in a frying-pan with the olive oil and the thinly sliced garlic. Cook over a low heat until the garlic begins to turn brown, then add the peppercorns and bay leaf. Remove from the heat, then quickly add the two types of vinegar and the fino sherry. Return to the heat for 1 minute then, off the heat, add the rest of the virgin olive oil. Transfer to a glass bowl or jar. Leave to chill.

Meanwhile, open the oysters and remove from the shells. Place in iced water. When they have all been shelled, sauté 6 at a time in a frying pan containing very little oil. Leave them in the pan for just an instant so that they become firm, then remove and transfer to a colander. Pour running water through. Drain well and transfer to the cold pickle sauce.

In this case, the variation for Miquel includes a small bunch of codium over the bottom to enhance the sea taste in the sauce and to be reminiscent of the aromas of the Galician coast.