For the pistachio crisp: 
140 g. fondant                                                                        75 g. glucose
125 g. peeled pistachios
For the pistachettes:
Pistachio crisp
20 roasted peeled pistachios


Pistachio crisp
Roast the pistachios in the oven at 170ºC for 6 minutes. Leave to cool. Grind the pistachios in a blender but in small batches and for brief periods so that they do not release their oil and form a paste. Stir the pistachios as soon as they are ground, remove the powder from the blender and repeat the operation.
Heat the fondant with the glucose, stirring until well dissolved. Cook over a medium heat to 160ºC (the mixture will then rise to 165ºC with its own heat). Remove from the heat, leave until it stops boiling and add the powdered pistachios, beating until completely smooth. Spread on sulphur paper forming a layer 1-2cm. thick. When it reaches the right temperature, cut into squares about 5cm. across. Set aside.
Prepare an oven dish with 2 silpats and place the crisp squares between them. Bake at 160ºC for 6 minutes until the crisps have melted then roll out until very thin.

Slightly heat up the pistachio crisp in the oven at 160ºC for 1 minute until flexible. Above the oven door, wrap the roasted pistachios, one by one, twisting and pulling fast until completely covered, forming irregular shapes. Keep in an airtight container.


Serve the baby pistachetti in a suitable container.