1 kg. of white chocolate coat
0,25 l. of hot water
0,8 l. of semi-whipped cream
20 leaves of gelatine
0,8 l. of egg whites
240 gr. of sugar
2 sheets of cocoa cake
pieces of chocolate


Blend the white chocolate and the hot water with a mixer. Add the cream.
Moisten the gelatine and set aside. Beat the egg whites and sugar with a mixer. Once beaten, add the liquid gelatine.
Pour the mixture of chocolate, water and cream over the mixture composed of egg whites, sugar and gelatine.


Place a sheet of cocoa cake on the bottom of a vora Bel-Air mould. Coat the whole sheet with the raspberries. Pour the mousse over the raspberries and then place another cocoa cake sheet on top of the first one. Finish by filling the mould with the remaining mousse. Allow to cool, place on a tray and decorate with chocolate pieces before serving.