INGREDIENTS (serves 4):



200 gr. fingerling potatoes

1 egg yolk

45 gr. durum wheat flour

1 cl. olive oil

Salt and pepper



4 medium-sized leeks



450 ml. clarified vegetable stock

45 gr. roast, dried potato skins

Golden leek skin

Salt and pepper


Gnocchi: Wash and peel the potatoes, and cook. While still hot, purée and mix quickly with the egg yolk, oil, salt, pepper and flour to make a dough. Form into long sausage shapes then cut into gnocchi. Leave to dry.


Leek: Cut off the roots of the leeks and leave in iced water for about 1 hour. Drain and set aside. Cook over hot coals until black on the outside and soft inside. Leave to stand for about 10 min. Peel off the black outside skins and grind to form a blackish powder. Peel off the second golden layer. Cut the rest of the leek into pieces the same size as the gnocchi.


Stock: Heat the vegetable stock with the potato skins and the reserved leek skin. Infuse for 25 min., strain then bring to the boil again. Season with salt and pepper. Cook the gnocchi in the stock over a gentle flame.





Arrange a few gnocchi and a portion of leek in the base of a soup dish. Decorate with a few leek stems and sprinkle with the powdered leek skins. Pour over a little of the cooking water.