Cream of Parmesan
100 gr cream
25 gr cheese (Grana Padano)
Basil chlorophyll
300 gr basil leaves
300 gr spinach leaves
Pine nut milk
100 gr pine nuts
50 gr water
Garlic paste
5 cloves garlic
100 ml extra virgin olive oil
Pesto Genoa style
50 gr chlorophyll
100 gr pine nut milk
15 gr garlic paste
Potato pasta
2 Allqa lmilla potatoes (Andean tuber)
Green beans 2 extra fine green beans
100 gr water
1.4 gr salt
Toasted pine nuts
12 pine nuts
10 ml sunflower oil
20 baby basil leaves
Extra virgin olive oil
20 basil flowers


Cream of Parmesan: Heat the cream, grate the Grana Padano cheese with a microplane and mix into the hot cream with a whisk.
Basil chlorophyll: Carefully wash the basil and spinach leaves and make into juice. In a small pan, heat the basil and spinach juice until the chlorophyll separates. Remove the chlorophyll by pouring through a strainer lined with a cloth. Chill.
Pine nut milk: Crush the pine nuts with the water in a kitchen robot until a smooth milk forms. Transfer to a superbag.
Garlic paste: Gently cook the cloves of garlic in the olive oil until soft. Process to a smooth paste.
Pesto Genoa style: Mix all the ingredients together to form a smooth pesto. Season with salt and serve immediately.
Potato pasta: Cut the potato into thin slices using a mandolin slicer. Cut the slices into thin strips like linguini and form into bundles about 15 cm long. Tie up one end of the bundles. Steam the potato for 2 minutes. Finish cooking in the cream of Parmesan, spooning the hot cream over the potato.
Green beans: Cut the beans into pieces as long and thin as possible. Refresh in iced water. Bring the water and salt to the boil and cook the beans for 20 seconds. Serve immediately. Toasted pine nuts: Place the pine nuts in the cold oil and cook until toasted. Cut each pine nut horizontally into two pieces.
Others: Select the smallest basil leaves, wash and dry.


Brush a plate with a line of chlorophyll. Top with the creamy potato. Arrange 6 pine nut halves along the potato, place 5 basil leaves along the potato, place 5 basil flowers along the potato and finish with 5 drops of extra virgin oil along the potato.