Pumpkin filling:                  
4 Kg. pumpkin
500 gr. onion chopped finely with scissors
300 gr. pear mustard 500 gr. toasted shiitake mushrooms
200 gr. Kaffir lime butter
125 ml. Citrino oil
2 bunches of Chinese spring onions
2 bunches of Thai basil

Parmesan broth:                  
2 l . milk
2 l. chicken stock
1.5 Kg. aromatic parmesan
500 gr. butter

Apricot relish:                      
500 gr. fleshy apricots 
200 gr. apple mustard
8 stalks of lemon grass
70 ml. lemon juice
140 ml. chicken stock
70 ml. yuzu juice
70 gr. cider confit


Pumpkin filling:Remove the flesh from the pumpkin. Soften the onions and lightly fry the shitake mushroom until golden brown. Mix with the pumpkin. Season with Kaffir lime butter, Citrino oil and the finely chopped Chinese spring onion and Thai basil. Fill the macaronis with the mixture.
Parmesan broth:Bring the milk and the chicken stock to the boil. Remove from heat and add the parmesan and the butter. Mix thoroughly, strain and put to one side.
Apricot relish: Blend all the ingredients together, strain and put to one side.


Place the stuffed macaronis on a serving dish. Pour the parmesan broth over the macaronis and add touch of apricot relish. Decorate with a dash of olive oil and some Thai basil.