INGREDIENTS: (to serve 10)

600 gr kudzu
600 ml milk
18 gr salt 
50 gr sugar 
25 gr fresh yeast
5 gr powdered xanthan

Artichoke ragout:
2 artichoke harts
300 ml extra virgin olive oil                                                           Gelatinous meat juices

Bone marrow:
2 kg long beef bones

Chervil sprouts

(*) Kudzu: Processed root (starch) of Pueraria Thumbergiana.


For the bread:
Separate 100 ml of milk and set aside. Dissolve the kudzu starch in the remaining milk. Add the salt and sugar and chill for 1 hour. Dissolve the fresh yeast in the 100 ml of milk, heating gently if necessary. Mix the yeast and milk mixture into the chilled kudzu dough mix.
Sprinkle with xanthan while whisking. Mix well for 10 minutes. Transfer the
dough to moulds, 110 gr in each. Leave to prove for 50 minutes at 50ºC in a warm cabinet. Heat the oven to 85ºC and bake for 15 minutes with 40% moisture. (This is only possible in the fish section oven.) Transfer to the warm cabinet and leave to stand for a further 5 minutes.  Turn out the loaves and keep in the warm cabinet until they are served (for a maximum of 40 minutes).
For the artichoke ragout:
Trim the artichoke hearts and cut into small dice. Place the dice in the base of a small pan and cover with the olive oil. Confit slowly until the artichoke dice are soft, then remove from the heat. Drain the artichokes and transfer to a pan, adding a few drops of gelatinous meat juices to bind.
For the bone marrow:
Soak the marrow in iced water for 12 hours to remove any blood, changing the water if necessary. Drain the marrow and transfer to vacuum packs. Place these in a water bath at 70ºC for 40 minutes. Remove and cool in iced water to ensure that cooking stops inside the bags. Cut the cold marrow into 3 sections. Refrigerate in individual portions.
For the sprouts:
Wash and disinfect the chervil. Cut the most attractive tips off each chervil shoot, place between moist paper and chill. On a hot griddle, sear the marrow sections until golden all over. 


Cut the kudzu bread open at the base and place on a napkin.  Serve the
artichoke ragout and the seared marrow sections in a warm bowl and top with the chervil sprouts, without mixing them in.  At the table, spread the
ragout on the bread and top with the marrow. (Inform customers that they should only eat the amount of bread needed to accompany the ragout).