INGREDIENTS (to serve 12)
12 cloves fermented garlic
24 mini corn cobs
5 gr ras el hanout
24 courgette flower stigmas

Fermented vegetables

22 mini orange carrots
22 mini purple carrots
22 mini parsnips
1 sweet cabbage
1 romanesco

Fermented juice

1 sweet cabbage
½ litre pepper juice


Crush the fermented garlic with a little of the juice for fermenting the vegetables. Arrange a little pasta on the base of a plate and top with the courgette flower stigmas and blanched cabbage leaves..
Sauté the mini corn cobs with the ras el hanout and a little of the vegetable fermentation juice.  Place all the raw, cooked and fermented vegetables on top of the black garlic. Pour over some juice to moisten the vegetables.
Fermented vegetables: Cut the sweet cabbage into pieces, add salt and massage until it releases its juice. Place in a glass jar, then top with the blanched, peeled root vegetables and the romanesco cooked for three minutes. Seal the jar and leave to ferment in a dark place at a temperature of 20ºC.
Fermented juice: Cut the sweet cabbage into thin slices, add a little salt and massage until it starts to release its juice. Place in a glass jar with the roast pepper juice. Seal and leave to ferment for 4 days in a dark place at about 20ºC. Check that fermentation has begun and strain through a cloth filter, separating the cabbage from the juice.

See photo.