For the Iberian-style XO sauce: 
25 ml. sesame seed oil
100 ml. olive oil (Ocal variety)
75 gr. small dried shrimp with shells
75 gr. large dried shrimp without shells
5 pieces Thai red chili pepper
50 gr. ginger
30 gr. garlic
50 gr. shallot
150 gr. compoy (dried scallop)
50 gr. dried squid
For the vegetable and tea powder:
100 gr. dried leek (white part)
50 gr. smoked black tea
For the ray:   
1 ray
2 drops coal oil
1 pinch vegetable and tea powder
Blood orange vinaigrette:    
45 ml. blood orange juice
5 ml. olive oil
4 ml. rice
1.5 gr.xanthan gum                                                                      
1.5 gr. salt
Cream of Iberico ham
Grated dried, salted tuna
1 mange-tout                                                                      
3 Kenya beans


XO sauce
Chop all the ingredients finely. Gently fry, adding all the ingredients one by one, starting with the most moist and finishing with the driest. Fry over a very low heat for 4 min.*
Vegetable and tea powder: 
Dry 100 gr. leek and mix with 50 gr. smoked black tea. Crush to form a very fine powder. Set aside.
Wash and trim the fish, removing any cartilage. Use only the thick part of the fillet. Sear on a hot plate with a drop of olive oil. Remove and aromatize with coal oil and the vegetable and tea powder.
Blood orange vinaigrette:
Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, stir to bind and set aside.


Pour the cream of Iberico ham onto the base of the plate to serve as the base for the XO sauce. Arrange 4 small piles of the fried seafood mixture and cover with the grated dried, salted tuna. To one side, form a bed with the mange-tout and the Kenya beans (previously blanched), dress with the blood orange vinaigrette and top with the ray fillet.
* Note: XO sauce normally contains Jinghua ham and dried fish. In this version, these are replaced by cream beaten with Ibérico ham fat and by grated, dried, salted tuna.