200 gr red-bellied piranha (first method)
40 gr murupi pepper 
400 ml yare (cassava juice)
20 gr chopped coriander
30 gr diced sweet capsicum
10 square centimetres piranha skin (second method)
50 ml katara (hot sauce made from bachaco ants)                                    12 peppers cooked in katara 
80 gr casabe makiritare (tapioca)
80 gr canned tupiro pulp
10 ml black bees' honey
20 ml seje oil 
100 gr piranha flour (third method)

First method:
Roast the piranha on a spit at a height of 0.80 metres for 1 hour.
Second method: Smoke the piranha on a spit at a height of 1.60 metres for 4 hours.
Third method: Dry the piranha on a spit at a height of 3 metres for 96 hours.
For the filling: Heat the seje oil and fry the flesh of the piranha (cooked by the first method) with the sweet pepper. Cook for 5 minutes. Add chopped coriander. Set aside.
For the wrapping: Soak the piece of piranha skin (cooked by the second method) in warm katara for 33 seconds. Set aside.
For the fish rolls: Wrap the fish flesh in the skin and tie with banana leaf fibre. Bake at 180ºC for 8 minutes.
For the Ajicero sauce: Heat the yare in a pan then add, stirring all the time, the piranha flour (cooked by the third method). Then add a whole coriander leaf and the tupiro pulp. Cook for 5 minutes, blend, strain and set aside.

TO SERVEPlate two fish roles with two slow-cooked peppers next to them. Pour ajicero sauce around them and decorate with a coriander leaf.