This dish aims to transport us to the beach, with sand, sea and foam forming ripples along the shore


Seawater of seaweed, citrus fruits and red mullet:     
4 heads of red mullet
1/2 carrot
1/2 spring onion
1/4 leek
1/4 lemon
1/4 orange
50 gr. fresh wakame seaweed

Seawater foam:                                          
500 cl. seawater
6 gr. soy lecithin

Sautéed strawberries:                                 
4 strawberries
1 passion fruit

red mullet bones
extra virgin olive oil

Nori seaweed oil:                                         
1 nori seaweed leaf
50 cl. sunflower oil

4 red mullets (150 gr. each)
flour for frying


Seawater of seaweed, citrus fruits and red mullet: Sauté the vegetables in a little oil. Add the red mullet heads and sauté lightly. Add the lemon and orange skins and cover with water. Infuse at 55ºC for 20 min. Strain, add the seaweed and infuse for 5 min. at 65ºC. Blend and strain.
Seawater foam: Mix the seawater with the lecithin, blend and set aside.
Sautéed strawberries: Wash and trim the strawberries forming cubes. Sauté lightly in a little oil. Set aside. Cut open the passion fruit and remove the flesh with a spoon. Dress with oil and set aside.
Sand: Dip the fish bones in the flour and fry in plenty of olive oil at 165ºC for 3 min. on each side or until crisp. Dry on paper and when cold break up or chop with a knife. Dry out in a warm oven.
Nori seaweed oil: Mix the dried nori seaweed with the oil, blend and set aside.


Season the red mullets with salt and brush with oil. Grill or fry over a medium heat until just done. Arrange the ingredients in the following order, from left to right, representing a beach – the sand, the red mullet fillet with the strawberry on top and dressed with the passion fruit. Beat the seawater foam and arrange over the fish, then add the sea water as if it were a wave breaking over the beach.