Garam masala:
2 gr. Cloves
2 gr. Black pepper
2 leaves cinnamon leaves
2 gr. Cardamom
3 gr. Cumin
5 gr. Poppy seeds
8 gr. Fenugreek (methi)
Sweet potato puree:
500 gr. Sweet potato
15 gr. ginger
150 ml. milk
Chatini pipangaille:
250 gr. Pipengaille (only the skin )
2 cloves garlic
20 leaves karipoulay
35 gr. onions
10 gr. ginger
1 gr. chilly
1,5 cl. Olive oil e.v.
Tuna fish:
600 gr. Tuna
60 gr. Parma ham


For the chatini
Clean the pipengaille, keeping the skin and eliminate the inner part (like a sponge) then boil in little water with the garlic and the karipoulay. When the skin is soft, eliminate the water, the karipoulay and the garlic. Then mix in a blender with the chilli, onions and ginger, add olive oil and salt to taste.

For the masala
Roasts dry the spices in an iron pan, cool down and mix together in a stone mortar.

For the fish
Cut the fish in rectangular pieces, brush wit olive oil and coat with the spices and no salt. Envelope with the Parma ham (cut very thin half-lean half-fat) and let rest for 1 hour. Then sear on a very hot pan, without any oil, leaving the middle red. For the sweet potato puree: Cook the potato in the oven until soft and remove the skin, mash it with a fork and add the milk infused with the creamed ginger adjust salt.