INGREDIENTS: (to serve 16)

4 young rabbits

Rabbit jus:
4 kg rabbit trimmings
0.8 kg onion
1.2 kg carrot
0.8 kg leek
1 head garlic
2 litres red wine
20 sprigs thyme
4 litres water

Rabbit, beetroot and tonka sauce:
300 gr rabbit jus
300 gr beetroot juice
2 gr tonka bean

Kudzu Rib of rabbit:
Whole ribcage of rabbit
Rabbit liver
Rabbit brain
Pork caul fat


Rabbit: Cut the rabbit into pieces, retaining the ribcage, liver and head for the recipe. The rest can be used to make the jus for the sauce and the glaze.
Rabbit jus: Fry all the vegetables until they caramelise. Sear the rabbit bones and trimmings in a frying pan and deglaze with the red wine. Reduce, then add water, the fried vegetables and the thyme. Cover with parchment paper and cook for 3 hours. Strain and reduce to half. Leave to cool, then remove any fat. Separate into two portions. Reduce one portion to one fifth to glaze the rib. The other portion is for the sauce.
Rabbit, beetroot and tonka bean sauce: Reduce the beetroot juice to one quarter while infusing with the tonka. Mix with the rabbit jus, season and bind with kudzu (20 gr for each half a litre of sauce).
Rib of rabbit: Cut the liver into pieces 2 cm x 2 cm. Cut each brain into 4. Wash the pork caul fat in iced water with a few drops of vinegar. Drain, dry and cut into pieces 6 cm x 3 cm. Carefully trim the rabbit ribcage and cut each side into 3 pieces. Season. Add a piece of brain to one side and a piece of liver to the other. Wrap with the caul fat and cut off any surplus.


Sear the ribs in butter in a very hot frying-pan, then glaze and caramelise with a blowtorch. Just before serving, glaze once again and finish under the grill. Arrange the rabbit ribs on a nest of hay decorated with herbs and serve with a spoon of hot sauce.