Utensils required:
AMC pan, 28 cm.
2 AMC pans, 24 cm. 
AMC frying pan 24 cm.
4 pigeons, each weighing 500 g, clean
2 dl olive oil
4 vacuum packs
4 small containers of pigeon juice
Potato stuffed with marrow:
12 potatoes
125 g marrow
1 l stock
A few drops of truffle oil 
Chopped parsley
Cream of rocket:
200 g rocket
200 g stock
150 g spring onion
15 g butter
To finish the cream of rocket:
Pigeon juice 
Cream of rocket 
Gelatinised truffle juice:
Black truffle juice 
Fried bread crumbs:
Organic bread 
Toast with liver:
500 g pigeon liver
200 g de shallot 
2 cloves garlic
70 g de Armagnac
425 g de foie gras mi-cuit 
4 thin
long pieces of toast
4 small piles fresh shoots of alfalfa
soya or lentil


Brown the pigeons in the frying-pan with olive oil. Remove and season with table salt. Cool at room temperature, then place each one in a vacuum pack with the pigeon juice. Close the packs at setting no.8 and bake in the steam oven at 65ºC for 6 minutes. Place the bags in iced water to stop further cooking. If only the breasts are cooked, bake for 10 minutes at 75ºC.

Potato stuffed with marrow
Soak the marrow in iced water to remove any blood and whiten it. Cook the potatoes in the stock. Ten minutes before they are cooked, add the marrow. Finish cooking. Leave to cool, then hollow out the potatoes to _ of their volume. Blend the potato pulp obtained together with 3 whole potatoes, the marrow and a little stock and push through a fine strainer. Season with salt. Fill the potatoes with this mixture and cover _ of the way up with the cooking liquid. Heat in the oven with the stock for 2 minutes to heat up the potato. Add a pinch of salt, a few drops of truffle oil and sprinkle with parsley.

NOTE: The filling should always be made at the last minute. It should be creamy, so care must be taken when adding the stock.

Cream of rocket
Slice the onion into julienne strips and gently fry in the butter until it sweats. Add the stock and simmer for 15 minutes. Mix the cold, blanched rocket with the stock and the spring onion. Blend and push through a fine strainer.

To finish the cream of rocket
Reduce the pigeon juice until almost demi-glacé. Add the cream of rocket, boil together and, at the last minute, add a little diced butter. Gelatinised truffle juice: Boil 10% of the truffle juice with 2 g agar-agar. Bring the remaining 90% up to 40ºC, then add the gelatine mixture and stir well. Pour into small moulds, 10 cm in diameter and 2 mm in height.

Fried bread crumbs
Take yesterday's bread, cut off the rind and cut roughly into pieces. Dry out in the oven at 120ºC until crisp but without letting it go brown. Remove from the oven and push through a large strainer to give fairly coarse breadcrumbs. Place plenty of butter in a frying-pan and heat. When it has melted and is beginning to boil, add a handful of breadcrumbs. Stir constantly until the crumbs are an attractive gold colour. Place them in a sieve to remove any excess oil. Lay on kitchen paper to soak up the oil. Add a few grains of salt.Toast with liver: Heat a frying-pan, then add olive oil and fry the pigeon livers in it. Make sure the livers do not contain any bile or they will be bitter. After a few minutes, add the Armagnac and flambé. Season with a little salt. Remove from the pan, transfer to a dish and refrigerate. When cold, blend with the foie gras mi-cuit then push through a fine strainer. Check for salt and refrigerate. Spread this mousse on the 4 pieces of toast


Roast the breasts on the skin side for a few seconds to brown well. Do this with care as they have already been cooked in the vacuum pack. Top with the spread pieces of toast. Serve on hot plates together with the hot potatoes. Turn out the truffle jelly to one side of the plate. Do this quickly, as this jelly is very delicate. Sprinkle a few sprouts on top of it then add a little rocket juice to one side and sprinkle with the toasted breadcrumbs.