INGREDIENTS (serves 4)

For the persimmon:  
2 each ripe hachiya persimmon
For the Belgian endive: 
2 each belgian endive
For the "mâche":   
12 plunches petite mâche
For the black truffle "coulis": 
100 g. black winter truffle
100 g. truffle juice
20 g. yukon gold potato
20 g. button mushroom
And also: 
12 thinly sliced black winter truffle (20 mm. diammeter)
Truffle oil (to taste)
Fleur de sel (to taste)
Champagne vinegar (to taste)
Extra virgin olive oil


For the persimmon
Slice the persimmon into 5mm. slices and sous vide at 99% vaccum (aproximately 4 torr). Remove from the bag and cut into desired shape. Season with truffle oil, fleur de sel and Champagne vinegar. Alternatively, persimmons can be served naturally rather than compressed, in which case they can be left raw but they must, however, be fully ripe. The vacuuming process helps remove the astringency from a persimmon that has developed its sugar content but it is not completely soft. Without it, the persimmon must be fully ripe.

For the Belgian endive
Separate the endive into leaves just before serving. Dress with extra virgin olive oil, salt and champagne vinegar.

For the "mâche"
Wash in ice water and spin dry. Dress and season like the endive.

For the black truffle "coulis"
Combine all the ingredients and bring to a boil. Cover and simmer unitl the truffles are completely soft (about 45 minutes). Purée and strain through a chinois.


Arrange the salad alternating the truffle slices, endive, mâche and persimmon. Use the truffle "coulis" sparingly as it is very intense.